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Trustees and Members


Mayleen Atima -  Chair

Mayleen is a Headteacher with over 20 years' experience of schools in Ipswich and London. Mayleen has previous experience of supporting a school in transitioning to a Multi Academy Trust, working with Ofsted and HMI Inspectors, and leading strategic improvement in schools.



Keeley Potter

Keeley is a qualified social worker and has worked in the Child Protection  assessment team, as a Family Court Adviser and Children's Guardian. Keeley is currently a Domestic Abuse champion working with towards achieving the best outcomes for children and their families. 



Beverly Lawrence

Beverly is a qualified business and marketing professional, with over 25 years' commercial experience. Beverly has previous experience as a CEO in Suffolk and Buckinghamshire, and directing strategy towards sustainable, profitable growth in the healthcare and construction industries. Beverly is now semi-retired and provides accountancy and administrative support to a local riding school, including a branch of Riding for the Disabled (RDA).



Jason Dearsley

Jason has previous experience as Chair of Governors with a primary school. Jason is  a Police Sergeant regularly dealing with members of the public across a wide range of situations, including on health and safety matters. Jason is leading the training of new Roads Policing Officers in Essex and for many other forces across the country.

Trustees Stepped Down


Naomi Smith (17/01/24)

Paul Carter (18/01/24)

Sue Faulkner (18/01/24)

Jason Kirk (18/01/24)

Stella Day (21/01/24)

Jason Addison (26/01/24)


Our Members are:

Max Harnden

Rod Stanley-Bell

Alan Whittaker

Members Stepped Down:

Jacqui Frost (23/11/22)

Trust Adress