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Information about the Trust

Incorporated on 1st April 2017, Orwell Multi Academy Trust is founded on a belief that collaboration unlocks the potential to create excellent school communities where learning is unstoppable and aspirations have no limits.


Our aim, quite simply, is to improve outcomes and educational experiences for children in Ipswich and the surrounding areas.


Do you share this belief?

Could the excellent practice in your school contribute to our vision?


If so – we are keen to work with you and your school community to explore how becoming an Orwell Multi Academy Trust school could benefit your children, families and staff.


Why join us?

Every Headteacher and Governing Body recognises that they are more than just a ‘school’.  Although experts in education, with teaching and learning at their core, schools offer much more to ensure their children and families thrive in a culture of inclusivity, aspiration and high expectation.


The Orwell Multi Academy Trust was founded by four headteachers who understand and support the complexity of this role and now, with a strong and supportive trust board, want to work with you to champion confidence, resilience and experience equally with academic achievement in all areas of your school’s life.


Our children and families come from a diverse range of cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and countries, and we want to work together with you to build locally based, sustainable solutions for improved impact and outcomes.


Our full time CEO, Anna Hennell James, understands the need for challenge and support and we know that within every school there is good and outstanding practice which is resulting in excellent outcomes. We are now looking for other schools who are committed to sharing their success and learning from others in order to have a positive impact on standards in education across Ipswich and the wider area.


Our values are clear:


  • Inclusivity - we will ensure that all members of the community are equally valued.
  • Integrity - we will ensure that all actions that we take are in line with our visions and values.
  • Innovation - we will look beyond the known and be prepared to take risks in the relentless pursuit of excellence.
  • Influence - we will use the skills and expertise from within OMAT to inspire and empower other school communities.



Our aim is for every child to leave an Orwell Multi Academy Trust school well prepared for the next stage of their academic career, with a passion for lifelong learning.  We have big plans for the trust and we are looking to become a centre of excellence for education.


On our shared journey towards excellence we will work with you to:


  • Retain, train and recruit the best staff at all levels.


  • Research, develop and implement the best practice.


  • Make learning irresistible, relevant and life-enhancing.


  • Promote excellence through high expectations and aspirations for success.


If you would relish the opportunity to help shape the future of this new, exciting

and innovative trust then please contact:


Anna Hennell James, Chief Executive Officer   07562 171312


to express an interest and arrange an informal discussion to find out more.